Friday, March 9, 2012

My life.

Weird things happen when you live by yourself. I've lived solo since 2002, with the exception a several month period that basically reassured me that should I ever get married, my husband I will each need our own houses.

This was so spot on it, made me basically snort out a kidney. Not featured: having extended monologues with your pet.


Aunt Erin said...

Um, totally done the carrot thing. But nothing else. Never! Nope.

Lela said...

I have no idea what this video is talking about. None.

But if I did, I would add that having conversations with your pet is immensely rewarding, particularly when you attempt to speak her language.

LittleBook said...

I've lived alone since 2003. I may or may not have been the director of an all cat production of Waiting for Godot.