Monday, July 5, 2010

Hawaii Pictures. Part I.

Hello, bloggy peeps. So check it: I went to Hawaii! For a week! It was awesome! Beyond words! So much so that all I can do is talk in exclamation points!!

Anyway, since I'm a rather huge freak, I managed to take something like 1,800 photographs during my week on Kauai. That, of course, means the editing process is going to be nothing short of a beast. But I started today and made a dent.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the first batch.



After a storm, I spied this double rainbow over Shipwreck's Beach. That's dad in the swing, taking his own pictures. Did I mention the light in Hawaii is effing stunning?

Fresh papayas, for sale in Hanapepe.

Sails of a catamaran, cruising in the Pacific along the Na Pali coastline.

Sunrise over Poipu Beach, by our hotel.

Random graffiti along a back road.

Flowers on the edge of a cliff looking over into a valley along the Na Pali coastline.

Plumeria flowers were EVERYWHERE. I wanted to take them all back home with me.

Awesome warehouse painted like a dive flag just off the dock in Port Allen.

More to come.


Philosopher's Wife said...

Sunrise is beautiful!

Sew Here We Are said...

Stunning! I wouldnt have come