Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A bedroom problem.

No no, you dirty birds!! I have an, ahem, different bedroom problem. Specifically? This.

Not sure what you're looking at? It's one of the several big-ass scuff marks my stupid headboard has put on my wall. And NO, pervy! Not from that. Please. Anyhoodles....

I've hated my headboard since I got it, but it was cheap and that was -- and is -- good enough for me and my tight budget. Still, I was getting fed up with the scratches. And finally on Friday, while frantically preparing for my parents' arrival, I decided to bite the bullet and make a headboard cover.

To make the slip cover I used five-inch nine-patches I started piecing together about a year ago, hoping to finally make myself a quilt for JUST ME. Since my project kept getting put aside by baby quilts and wedding projects and giving sewing lessons to friends and all manner of assorted other things, I finally accepted the idea that my bedspread quilt just wasn't meant to be. And with that, I dug into my pile of nine-patches.

With that I mind, I measured the headboard (a queen-size is 60 inches), grabbed five of my favorite blocks, arranged them in a way I liked and sewed them together using the standard quarter-inch seam. They formed a strip that was about 68 inches long at that point, so I trimmed 3 inches off each side to fit my length while still allowing room for a seam allowance Then I added white sashing at the top (3.5 inches wide x the length of the piece) and bottom (5 inches wide x the length of the piece). I hemmed the bottom sashing piece to keep raw edges away and did the same thing on white backing that ran the length and width of my patchwork top.

And, voila! Super pretty AND functional headboard that looks awesome and keeps the piece o' crap from further marring my walls.

The whole project was super easy and took me about 40 minutes to do. Alas: I was in such a rush that I didn't think to take pictures for a proper tutorial. So these will have to suffice.

But, tell me. Whatcha think??


jessica lowry said...

Super cute! I really like it. Also: just an FYI. Mr. Clean makes a wall eraser that works great on problems like that. It's pretty cheap and you can find it at Target. But really -- yay for quilting!

Donna said...

I think this looks great! Fantastic idea.

- Donna (from KindredCrafters)

Tara said...

I remember when you bought that cheap headboard ... in the mom way I had even before I became a mom, I think I urged you to save up and wait and buy something you liked better. Hee. Hee. But I was wrong -- because you used your fabulous crafty skills to turn it into something beautiful and unique!

I second the Mr. Clean wall eraser comment .. it works wonders. But I'm always afraid it will be discontinued. I need to stock up!